Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Awakening

So at time of departure (5:15) it was approximately 63 degrees (farenheit of course.....even my nifty under armour would not have been able to keep me toasty at 63 kelvin. alright...I just made a joke that incorporated the kelvin scale....and I'm mining the depths of my brain to find a way to work absolute zero into a biking reference. UGH. I've worked for scientists too long.) Anyway, the weather was great. Zero in the way of wind and it stayed pretty darn warm.

Tonight's route was pretty good. Headed down 15th to Haines Point. Got lost. Was reminded of home when I got a good wiff of scaled fish and algae from the DC Waterfront. It was actually kinda nice. Anyway, made it to Haines Point after a short diversion and proceeded to do some laps. Six in total by the end of the evening.

The biking is really having an effect on me. Its really making a dent in my perception that DC has no redemening value not associated with being the seat of the greatest government in the history of man. Anyway, the sunset was beautiful tonight. Watched a couple planes take off and land across the river. And did six trips by the awakening sculpture. Really very impressive. Much more so than when I saw it in the Tom Clancy movie.

Anyway, I did about 20 - 25 miles tonight I think. The loop around Haines Point is about 3 to 3.5 mile. After I finished the six laps, I proceeded to get lost...well just made a wrong turn (not unlike my adolesent visits to DC which invariably included me crossing a bridge into Virginia) Anyway, I finished my loops went by the FDR memorial I think, in front of Lincoln, by Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, down Const. left at 17th, in front of the White House and back to the office. Arrival at office was approximately 7:30.

My butt hurts. My stubborness last night came back to bite me in the rear this evening. By not fixing my saddle last night I had the privledge of having the properly adjusted seat rub up against the spot where the inproperly adjusted seat was last night. The upside is that this is temporary, and there is nothing inherently defenctive about my saddle or my rear. A relief!

Taking a couple days off of riding. I think I'll be back in the saddle Sunday morning. Depending on any number of things, maybe I'll bang out 30 Miles!

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