Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tonight's Ride Brought to You By:

Reduced Visual Acuity

Departed the office app. 5:45pm. app. 55 degrees out, and a slight wind during the begining of the ride. Returned to the office app. 8pm.

Tonight's ride was a little slower that it should have been. First the stats. 25.5 Miles in two hours four minutes. How do I know this with such precision? I broke down and picked up a computer. Its great. Wasn't too hard to hook up and will hopefully last alot long than the piece of junk I bought from Target. That one's getting returned! I should have probably biked a bit longer tonight, but I saw the memorial bridge and decided to jump back into town. Next monday night, its 30 miles at least!

Anyway, I learned a couple things. When you can't see very well, you can't ride very well. A couple observations. The Mt. Vernon trail is not the best place to ride sounthbound during rush hour. This is becuase a significant portion of the trail is very close to the road and you get hit with headlights as you're moving down the trail. As your eyes adjust, it becomes difficult for you to see the trail ahead. Additionally, I was out shopping the other day and lost the lens to my glasses, so I was biking without my glasses tonight. That wouldn't have been such an issue, if I wasn't getting hit with headlights. On the upside, I did have a light on, but I think I could stand to toss some better batteries in it.

Anyway, all in all, a good ride tonight. I zipped from the office down to the 14th street bridge. * An aside...I would reccomend walking across the bridge one evening. Its a really exciting experience to have the river and the monuments on one side and a 737 zooming by 50 feet overhead. After crossing the bridge I jumped on the Mt. Vernon trail and headed down almost to Belle Haven. I finally decided that it was time to turn around when I was having trouble seeing the turns. At that point I turned around, rode back up, came under the bridge and then came across the memorial bridge and zoomed back to the office.

I'm going to crash out early tonight I think. There's a bird the was perched outside my window this morning who decided I needed to be up at 6am. Fortunately I'm farily confident that its not an endganged species, so if it should somehow meet an untimely demise, at least I won't have the folks from Fish & Wildlife hounding me.

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