Sunday, February 27, 2005

Two Rides This Weekend

Well I did two rides this weekend. First ride was saturday night in Annapolis. Weather was decent app. 45 degrees and little wind. Second ride was this morning up in northern Baltimore County. Weather was also good if not a bit chillier, at 30 degrees and no wind.

Last nights ride was actually pretty uneventful. I left the apartment and headed down through Quiet Waters Park out into Hillsmere. After cycling through Hillsmere I headed down forest drive towards bayridge. This was probably the nicest part of the drive. I basically did the loop around Tali Point . It wasn't this bright out of course, but the area is beautiful and between the amazing houses and the view of the bay it was a lovely part of the ride. After finishing the loop through bay ridge I headed back up forest through a couple neighboorhoods to put some extra miles on and then back home.

All in all pretty uneventful, but I did discover that I had my shoes bound too tight. I had a massive cramp when I walked in the door. I did get a flat tonight, but it was kind enough to wait until I got in the house...its still unknown whether I ran over a tech deck part or it was just good luck that the flat waited until home. It was found pretty easily and the patch took well. Although while I inflated it fine in the warm confines of my home, the cold air I think reduced the pressure the next morning. 21 Miles in probably about 1:45 mins. Saturday night.

Sunday mornings ride was invigorating. I headed up to Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore to ride with the Baltimore TNT crew again. It was nice and cold this morning, but I had a good set of layers on so I had no trouble with the cold. I don't imagine I'm going to ride if its any colder than it was this morning, so I'm pretty pleased that weather ... well tempature ... shouldn't be a problem.

Again the hills were back. Fortunately I managed to get up all of them without getting off my bike. Granted I was in granny gear and doing 6 mph up the hills, but I did them.

The recurring theme in this morning's ride was climb and coast. There were a number of sections where I'd teeter up the hill and a barely upright pace and then zoom down the hill at 20 + mph. This was good though, got a good workout on the legs and the zooming real fast down the hills is kinda fun., even if it was cold out and provided a nice windchill.

Other than that alot of scenic riding through Baltimore County's horse country. Finished the morning off with three pancakes, order of homefries, ET bagel with egg & cheese, a brownie, large class of water and three cups of coffee. $11 with tip at the Timonium Bagel Works. I don't know if they're a Bagels and ... but I was jonesing for pancakes and they really hit the spot.

Finally, Sebastian the Bear joined the team this ride. I will have a complete post on his duties in the near future. (I'd have one tonight, but a aforementioned cheapo digital camera, didn't deliver!)

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