Monday, February 07, 2005

Watch out roads

Well I was on the road tonight. Weather beautiful. ~55 degrees. Little breeze. I think I did about 15 miles tonight. Its hard to tell becuase the craptastic schwinn bicycle computer I bought died and the person I was riding with didn't have her computer.

Anyway we ran around town and ran up the Capital Crecent Trail from the begining in G-town up until the Dalecarlia Tunnel. Apprently there was a body found not too far from the trail tonight. I'm not too terribly enthused about that, but what am I too do. And I guess it is better than them not finding it. Anyway, when I riding buddy's husband mentioned that they found a body near the trail, I assumed it was past tense (like hey, did you hear that ages ago they found a body around here...neat huh), not an explanation of the flashing lights near the trail up ahead. Anyway it was not a significant part of the ride.

In the ongoing saga of DC Roads/Trails vs. Tom Jones, you'll be happy to know the score is roads/trails 2 : Tom 0. As some of you may recall a couple weeks ago, kenilworth avenue, left an impression (get it, bent my rim, left an impression...) on my front passengers tire. Thanks to the good folks at Lowry's in Annapolis, the rim was bent back into shape and tire remounted for free. Well tonight, I grabbed a good bump on the trail and my fat rear came down on the saddle and gave it a free adjustment. Not wanting to stop the ride I rode much of the trail with a seat at precisely the wrong angle. Anyway, in the --violence inflicted upon Tom's vehicles is cured by kinda sorta stranger's-- saga, my riding companion's husband was kind enough to readjust and tighten the mounting hardware for my seat. Thank you much! Made for a much more pleasent ride. Level - good. Saddle wedged in rear - bad. Tom learns bike lesson tonight. Expect this to be first of many. Hopefully few of them involve asphalt.

All in all though it was a very good ride I though. I went with the short sleeve shirt and the under armour and it servered me well once I got moving. The cold was even a bit envigourating. I like the Capital Cresent Trail. Sans bodies of course. Seems fairly well maintained, not much of grade (although I'm going to need to get friendly with some hills soon) and the commuter traffice wasn't too bad. Although at night, dogs on the trails need lights!

Also big props to riding companion for pointing out the stars. I think she was right that this might be the only place in the district where you can see the stars. There were plenty tonight and I feel good at the end of my ride. Planning on riding tomorrow night.

I rode tonight with the same person I rode with last Tuesday night. Last Tuesday we rode when it was COLD. I mean it wasn't super cold. App. 32 degrees. I was pretty well bundled up. under armour, wool socks, wicking undershirt, and windproof shell. It went well the trails were a little icy and we only did about 11 miles in an hour but was good to get out and get moving. I need to log time in the saddle and I'm not going to do it from behind a CRT!

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