Saturday, March 12, 2005

100 Mile Week!

Ok, so technically, it was a 97 mile week. 33 on Monday, 20 Friday night and 44 today, but who's splitting hairs. I'm pretty pleased with the workout I got in. All good rides. Monday's ride was a good spin up the CCT and through the city. Friday night's ride was a quick zip up and down the MVT and today's ride was my longest yet at 44 Miles.

This morning I joined the Baltimore Bicycling Club for their weekly ride. Within a mile of the ride starting I had pretty much lost sight of everyone. This didn't really concern me. I wasn't looking towards speed more towards distance.

The hills along the route were pretty decent. Gave me a good workout. Some interesting things to note. I came within about 20 ft of getting in the middle of a herd (not sure this is the proper term of art) of deer. As you may know, deer can weight quite a bit and rarely cross the road in an orderly manner. Anway I was far enough away that I wasn't on the receiving end of 300 Lbs of bounding deer, but close enough to get a good view. Although I must say after camping in Maryland all my life the novelty of seeing a deer has worn off. It was more a "Hey if you land on me, you're going to maim or kill me." type experience. But it was neat.

All in all it was a good ride. I did 44 miles in 3 hrs 44 minutes. I hear that riding a hybrid adds 3mph. Maybe that's true. I'm not too concerned about it though. I'm feeling better about my ability to finish the ride in June. Putting on some good miles and slowly but surely getting there.

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