Monday, March 07, 2005

Back on the Road

Well I couldn't have ordered up better weather than tonight's. It must have been 70 degrees when I headed out the door tonight. It was a wonderful ride tonight. My longest so far. Quick synopsis. Got riding at app. 5:30. Returned to office approximately 8:30. Total time in saddle: 2 hrs. 44 minutes. Miles: 33. Roughly a pace of 12mph. Not too bad considering alot of it was stop and go city traffic for a while.

The route was pretty good. Left my riding mate's office on K street, headed down K street onto the CCT. Road the CCT from Georgetown up to Rock Creek Parkway i think...and then I think we proceeded to head down rock creek parkway back towards town. But I must admit, I really wasnt' very sure where I was. I was basically just following the person in front of me. Anyway, we went through the twists and turns of Rock Creek Parkway back into town. This was mostly downhill and a pretty good ride, but even thought we were heading against traffic I doubt we made any friends on four wheels. Not alot of passing space on the parkway at night.

Anyway, it was a really good ride. As an aside....there are a number of little microclimates in DC. Periodically, we'd just get hit with bursts of warm air. A nice little treat. Anyway, my riding buddy and I parted ways in adams morgan, and I headed back downtown. I decided to head back down to Hains Point and do a couple laps. This was great except I'm continuing to have problems with my seat staying put. I tried again to tighten it down and this time succeeded and breaking the crappy bike tool I bought (see photo). This is going back to bike dr.

Anyway I was really pleased with my ride tonight. 33 Miles is good I'm building the base. I'll prob. do two 35 mile rides this weekend, weather permitting. I would like to ride tomorrow night, but if the National Weather Service is right (always a dicey proposition, we're going to have snain tomorrow night. Oh well

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