Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Schwisshhhh ... Swoooshhhh

Well it was beautful out tonight. I think it was probably just a hair under 70 degrees when I headed out tonight. No wind. Not much in the way of clouds. I even had to wear sunglasses. Like I said. Beautiful.

So I headed up to the CCT for a ride. Right at the begining of the trail I knew things were going to be a bit hinky. Some bonehead was using the trail for sprints. Why I have no idea but there were a bunch of kids lurking about at the end and other kids running fast. I know DC schools stink and all, but you have to have some sort of track. Regardless the trail ain't the place to do it.

After that cleared up things were good for a while, but about six miles into the ride my legs started protesting loudly. I think I distinctly recall them saying "I don't know what you had in mind for tonight Jones, but we want nothing to do with a bicycle ride." Any way I slogged through that and kept plugging away. One leg over the other. Eventually my legs got up to speed **oh look its a pun** WOO HOO! Anyway it took me about 10 miles to warm up. Weird huh.

Once I warmed up it was about six-ish. Remember that "its beautiful" thing. Yeah everyone and their brother was on the trail. With their freaking dogs! Last thing I want is to roll through a pile of pooh and have my wheel...well anyway you get the picture. Note to dog walkers. Take them off the trail. And if I run one over, I'm going to feel kinda bad after I scrap myself off the pavement.

Anyway, back to this weather bringing everyone out thing. Apparently walking two abreast is really popular and needs to be done on the trail. Now I'm all for running two abreast. The runners are good. They understand yeilding to traffic overtaking them and are good trail citizens. But these damn walkers. Well you're walking. Use a damn side walk. Walk through a neighboorhood. Just get off the damn trail. Its not like you can't do your WALKING say absolutely anywhere else. So all these damn walkers on the trail means half my ride was consumed by "Passing on your left" ... "Coming up on the left" ... which is great, except when there is a bike with a nice big mercury vapor (yeah I know its a LED but it reminds me of the ones on the beamers -- oh look another pun. they're everywhere tonight) coming in the other direction. obviously the walkers are two abreast and you're lucky if the bonehead in the center doesn't step in front of your bike ... don't hold your breath waiting for him to drop behind their friend. Anyway I felt like Tommy Moe swooshing in and out of gates. Only mine move and are oblivous to their surroundings.

I have an itching feeling that when you combine DST starting next week and the weather getting nicer the population of WALKERS on the trails is going to increase. Wonder if I could outfit the bike with a cowcather.

Anyway the ride was really good. 24.5 miles in 1 hr. 52 mins. 13 MPH pace.

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