Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Weather Forecasts Stink

It was cold last night. Not sub zero Artic cold, but too cold to be wearing a t-shirt and an undershirt. Had I known how COLD it was going to be I would have dresses appropriately, but since I looked at my weather forecast thing in FireFox and it said 45 degrees I thought it was relatively warm out. It was not in fact warm out, it was actually REALLY REALLY COLD.

Anyway, my ride was relatively uneventful. I quick zip down 14th across the bridge (I highly recommend this walk when its not ... everyone now ... REALLY REALLY COLD) down the MVT, across the 4 Mile Run Trail, through some neighborhoods and back. The ride was completely uneventful. 15 Miles around and hour and back. What killed me was that I left my gloves at the office, and between the cold, the wind and the wind generated by my bike, my hands were frozen into claw position by the end of the ride. Took me a couple warm cup o' soups to thaw out! Upperbody was a bit cold too, but not as bad as hands.

Lesson learned is that next time I walk outside and test the weather myself pre-ride. I should have probably learned this in something like 3rd grade. oh well.

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