Sunday, April 10, 2005

50 Miles Today

I did 50 miles today! Very exciting.

First, BIG PROPS to Tom Price for loaning me his road bike for the ride. I used to joke that the hybrid didn't make a huge difference. Riding a road bike ais a world of difference. Its just phenominal. Tom is awesome and I owe him a big debt. (some of you who know me will recall that Tom was my boss 2 jobs ago at AAES. The raleigh will prob knock somethign like 2 hours off my ride. The person who told m that hybrid shave about 3mph off your speed was almost precisely right. I averages about 15.5 MPH today on what would have most likely normally been a 13MPH ride.

Anyway, today's ride was good up until about mile 40 at which point my left foot started screaming. I slogged through the rest of my ride, but it too about an hour after the ride before I could put any weight on my foot. I'm going to have to figure out what the story is before I head to Tahoe.

The ride route was pretty uneventful and flat (I need some hills). a lap around the BWI Trail up and back on teh B&A and a lap around the BWI again.

Finally I finished the evening off with the best chinese buffet around!

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