Monday, April 18, 2005

Bugs and Blossoms

Well tonight it was all bugs and blossoms down at Haines Point tonight. Weather was great...prob in the 80s next to no wind and very pleasant. Fun!

Anyway, not looking to spend most of my evening fighting traffic in route to g-town I decided I'd just run down Independence and head over to haines point. Its a pretty easy ride over. If it weren't for the lights every block (and the fact that they seem to be perpetually out of sync) you could really get some speed going after coming down Capitol Hill on the house side. Unfortunately, I just got to stand on my brakes and make sure I didn't end up coasting through an intersection.

Anyway, the ride was uneventful. I did just under 30 miles total ... most of that was from the seven or eight laps I did around Haines Point. The one downside to the ride was that the bugs are starting to come out and the cherry trees have just finished blooming. This meant that when I was zooming around the island mouth agap, I was not only taking in copious quantiies of air, I was also taking in mouthfuls of bugs and cherry tree blossoms. YUM! Really it wasn't that bad. And with the increased training schedule I need to increase protein intake anyway. UMM BUGS!

I was able to use my new watch to keep track of my lap speeds. This was great for alternating between fast laps and recovery laps. Thank you Reagan!

Finished the trip with a ride up the Hill on the House side. I'm my own Hill Climber!!

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