Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The CCT is Crowdeeeeedddd

the last two day's rides have been relativelty uneventful. The weather has been warm and the breezes light. Last night and tonight I ran up and down the CCT and then along Rock Creek Parkway for a while doing 25 last night and 29 tonight. The only really remarkable thing about the ride is that the folks who I share the trail wtih are clueless.

I've gotten used to the headphone folks. I figure about 75% of the people on the trail can't hear me when I alert that I am going to pass. I've just given up. But the really fun folks are the dog walkers. I almost killed a puppy tonight. I am coming up behind a dog walker and I shout out from quite a distance, "Passing on the left." Well dog walker (who is on the right hand side of the trail) gets deer-in-headlights .... and here's the fun part ... the little puppy darts completely across teh trail to teh grass on the other side ... I'm doing about 15mph and there is a doggie leash bisecting the trail ... well fortunately I was able to lock the brakes and come to a stop about 5 feet from the leash. No one was harmed but I think the dog walker felt dreadful and the puppy didn't look too happy.

Anyway, other than that a dull week. Off to the HILL in a few days!!!

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