Sunday, April 24, 2005

Four Falls and a Flat

Well the ride this weekend to Boring was anything but. It started out a bit sketchy with the folks at the Weather Service predicting rain and t-storms during the ride. The ride was to start at 8:30 am. Anyway we got a bit of light rain before the ride and alot later thatnight after the ride but during we were pretty dry.

This was the first ride I have actually done with the Annapolis team. Weekends have been pretty sketchy up until this point but I was glad I got to it yesterday. There were five of us on the ride, Dean the team Coach, Dave our mentor, Christine, Jim and myself. The ride was 44 miles long through the hills of northern baltimore county that I spoke of before. Yesterday was just alot more miles.

Anyway right out of the gate (within one mile) Dave notices that my back tire is low. So we stopped in a driveway to pump it up. Well unfortunately the driveway was gravel and as Christine came in, her wheels came out from under her and she took a spill (spill 1). It wasn't too bad and after we got air back in my tire we got moving again.

Anyway we biked for maybe another 15 miles and then came around a curve where we stopped to meet the local mangey dog. While we were stopped apparently Christine his some road patch that was wet and took a bit of a spill into a fence. (spill 2) Fortunately the fence gave a bit and she was able to get back on her bike.

While we were stopped I decided to shred a layer from underneath my jersey and lose the cap I had under my helmet. Well when I tossed my helmet on the ground for the moment the local mangey mutt decided that he wanted to make a run for it with my helmet. I didn't notice this at all. Fortunately Dean was on top of things and was able to chase down the helmet before doggie made off with it forever. This was odd.

Anyway back on the road, only to encounter a flat on my bike. (My bike had been misbehaving a bit today. The shifter was a bit loose and was jumping gears when under pressure.) We stopped just south of Boring Maryland and changed the tire. Fortunately Dean had an extra tube on him becuase I couldn't seem to find my patches. Could have been a real mess had he not been on top of things.

We got ourselve back on the road and about 2 miles down the road, completed spill 3 and 4. Dean lined up perfectly to cross the train tracks and for whatever reason, his wheel came out from under him and he went down. I happened to be trailing him by a couple yards and when I tried to ride around him my wheel jumped in teh groove in the train track I went down. Fortunately, it wasn't on Dean.

Dean took a pretty spill and probably had a nice bruise today. I didn't take too much of a hit, but my right ring finger feels a bit sore. Nothing consequental at all.

Anyway the next 25 miles were anti-climatic. We climbed up hills and coasted down. I topped out at 35 mph at one point. Quite a good time on a bike.

All-in-all though, and excellent ride!

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