Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hills Stink!

Well tonight's ride was very interesting. It started off with me rolling out of my office a bit early only to find out that there was an unattended package in my parking lot. That's a big deal around here obviously. So instead of getting on the road around 5:30 I got on the raod at 6:00 pm. Not too big deal.

It was a bit rainy and kinda grey out. ick. Anyway, it didn't pur...didn't even really rain much. Just kinda looked like it was going to. Anyway I didn 25 miles tonight.

I met Sami at her office and cruised up the CCT to a nice hill on MAcCarthur Blvd. I did the first up the hill ok, but the second and third were a real hassle. My gearing was all wrong and it was a really huge hill...getting up took about 10 minutes. Sami of course zoomed up and down the hill without any trouble and a heck of alot faster than me.

It was a good workout though, and I needed it, but boy are my legs going to kill tomorrow. I'm going to do some hill intervals more often. This one was a good one and I'll have to do it again.

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