Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting up there

Well its been a while since I have blogged. Things are going really well. There is only one long ride left before we head off to Tahoe.

We'll be riding 75 miles in the hills of Baltimore County next sunday. I'm feeling pretty prepared. I did 72 miles on the Eastern Shore this weekend. While it was pretty flat terrian, the winds were pretty high, and heading into the winds can really make you work hard and knocks down your speed real quick when you stop pedaling.

Last week I did 61 with the Annapolis team. We had some hills in teh Davidsonville area and felt pretty good about it. I've had other weekly rides in between and I feel good.

Other than that I got a tune up on the bike. I realized that the hard shifting that I had in my ride in Baltimore a few weeks back was becuase I broke the axle on the bike. Was nice to get that fixed.

Anyway, I want to say a big thank you to everyone. All your support has been so appreciated. Its helped me get through the rides and will help me cross the line at Tahoe. I'll have a write-up of this weekend's ride some early next week.

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