Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Nice Day for a Good Ride

It was beautiful out today. I headed out around 11 a.m. for a short ride and it was roughly 50 degrees out no wind. The biggest hastle was the traffic. I ran up Wisconsin and actually got to ride the CCT. Unlike my ride last weekend, there was very little ice on the trail. Most just leaves, wetness and old folk. Nothing I couldn't handle.

The big positive of the ride was that there was tangible evidence that while it might be slow I am actually getting back in shape. I did this ride a few weeks back (same day as the marine corp marathon) and the climb up Wisconsin out of Georgetown had me stopping a few times. Now granted that ride was one of my first back in a while, it was good not to have to stop on the up hill at all this time! Felt good not to know my legs are getting back to where they need to be. A couple good rides on Cuba and Priceville and I will be ready to kick spooners ass....ok maybe not, but I will be feeling better.

Anyway, I am going to try to get a ride or two in before I head off for some work related travel and am bike less for a week and a half.

14 miles. 14MPH Pace (hey, I had a bunch of hills!.) One Hour in the saddle.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Starting Training Rides.

I'm back on the road training again. Things are going well.

I would like to note I have gotten a really enthusiastic responce from my email to everyone about the ride. I'm ~10% of the way to my fundraising minimum. Being that it was sent right before Christmas and folks were otherwise busy and hectic, I'm very pleased with the responce that I got from everyone. I'll send another mailing out after the new year and I am sure I will get a good response!

I've done two really short training rides both about 16 miles. The first one I did through NW DC. This ride was last Sunday, and it was really COLD. I was hoping to ride from the cathedral up to the Bethesda entrance to the Capital Cresent Trail down to Georgetown back up to the cathedral area. I got up to Bethesda fine, but when I got onto the CCT about 50 yards into the ride, I found a 10 ft patch of ice totally across the trail. I decided that unless I wanted to brain myself I needed to get off the trail. I jumped onto bradley road and started heading toward connectiucut avenue. I discovered that conn. ave didn't look like te best place to ride in the morning (lots of traffic). Now this would be the point where I give you the ins and outs of where I went in the city..but frankly, I got lost. I did discover some new places in DC, including beach drive (which is closed on the weekends and was a great ride) and the smithsonian veternian center ... which is at the top of a very tall hill. (an aside, I do not reccomend climbing hills in your largest gear, unless you have thighs the size of tree trunks.)

I also did a ride yesterday morning at 0-dark-thirty (actually 8:30, but for me that's SUPRE early). I did five laps at haines point. Nothing too exciting, and my legs were feeling decent. I didn't need to use my brakes much which was good becuase I discovered on my previous ride that the brake pads needed replacing. Nothing complicated, but will require me to make a trip to HTO for provisions. I'll wait until after x-mas to do that that though.

Otherwise riding is going well. I need to do some longer rides. I'm going to see if I can scare up a crew for a ride down the MTV when I return from Hawaii.

That's about it for now. More details as I ride more.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Back at it Again

I just re-signed up for Tahoe!.

As I mentioned before it was a spectacular experience and I was truly proud of the effort of everyone that participated.

Although the weather is a bit of a drag in DC right now, I will be getting back into serious training post-haste. I hope to do 20 - 30 miles this weekend. I am confident that the hardest part of the ride will be from my warm bed to the saddle of my bike.

Also I have a decent digital camera this year, so I will be keeping a photo record of the rides...hopefully. Check out the flikr thing to the right to see some cute photos of the kids.

Finally, I will have a fundraising page up shortly. I hope you can help out, we raised a ton of cash last year for leukemia research and I hope we can do it again this year.