Friday, December 16, 2005

Back at it Again

I just re-signed up for Tahoe!.

As I mentioned before it was a spectacular experience and I was truly proud of the effort of everyone that participated.

Although the weather is a bit of a drag in DC right now, I will be getting back into serious training post-haste. I hope to do 20 - 30 miles this weekend. I am confident that the hardest part of the ride will be from my warm bed to the saddle of my bike.

Also I have a decent digital camera this year, so I will be keeping a photo record of the rides...hopefully. Check out the flikr thing to the right to see some cute photos of the kids.

Finally, I will have a fundraising page up shortly. I hope you can help out, we raised a ton of cash last year for leukemia research and I hope we can do it again this year.

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