Saturday, December 24, 2005

Starting Training Rides.

I'm back on the road training again. Things are going well.

I would like to note I have gotten a really enthusiastic responce from my email to everyone about the ride. I'm ~10% of the way to my fundraising minimum. Being that it was sent right before Christmas and folks were otherwise busy and hectic, I'm very pleased with the responce that I got from everyone. I'll send another mailing out after the new year and I am sure I will get a good response!

I've done two really short training rides both about 16 miles. The first one I did through NW DC. This ride was last Sunday, and it was really COLD. I was hoping to ride from the cathedral up to the Bethesda entrance to the Capital Cresent Trail down to Georgetown back up to the cathedral area. I got up to Bethesda fine, but when I got onto the CCT about 50 yards into the ride, I found a 10 ft patch of ice totally across the trail. I decided that unless I wanted to brain myself I needed to get off the trail. I jumped onto bradley road and started heading toward connectiucut avenue. I discovered that conn. ave didn't look like te best place to ride in the morning (lots of traffic). Now this would be the point where I give you the ins and outs of where I went in the city..but frankly, I got lost. I did discover some new places in DC, including beach drive (which is closed on the weekends and was a great ride) and the smithsonian veternian center ... which is at the top of a very tall hill. (an aside, I do not reccomend climbing hills in your largest gear, unless you have thighs the size of tree trunks.)

I also did a ride yesterday morning at 0-dark-thirty (actually 8:30, but for me that's SUPRE early). I did five laps at haines point. Nothing too exciting, and my legs were feeling decent. I didn't need to use my brakes much which was good becuase I discovered on my previous ride that the brake pads needed replacing. Nothing complicated, but will require me to make a trip to HTO for provisions. I'll wait until after x-mas to do that that though.

Otherwise riding is going well. I need to do some longer rides. I'm going to see if I can scare up a crew for a ride down the MTV when I return from Hawaii.

That's about it for now. More details as I ride more.

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