Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bambi Beware

Hit the capital Cresent Trail again Monday night. It was a pretty nice ride and good litle adventure.

Rolled out after work with with Noel (my GF) and headed out from her place in NW up to the Bethesda enterance of the CCT. Climbed on our bikes and headed out into the cold. As it was Sunday night it was pretty dark and relatively cold (low 40's with mild winds). I headed out on the trail leading the pace, but by the second intersection where the trail intersects Little Falls Parkway (the cross walk in the map) Noel took over the lead. (Also a note for riders & runners as you can see in the map, there is a left turn right near this intersection, this can be a bit of a blind corner, so make sure to stop -- safety notice completed --.)

Anyway after we got back underway Noel set the pace. It was good pace and kept me moving well. We were heading down hill towards g-town. I'm thinking about halfway down the inbound Noel said somethign about Bambi. Now she insists that she was no where near the furry creature, but I suspect that the headlamp on her bike wasn't bright enough to dazzle the deer and it scampered away before she could catch it. I do remember her mumbling something about venison in the car ride up before we rolled out of the parking lot.

Other than the little critter the ride was good. We rolled down to Water Street and turned around and headed back up the trail. As you might know, the CCT a rails to trails project and has a slight grade heading north. Its about a 1% grade. We did pretty good heading back up. Noel did great. I was following and she wasn't coasting at all...very impressive. She also had good climbs on the overpasses, not having to get out of her saddle, and she muscled up really strong.

The north-bound portion was uneventful. We rolled into the parking lot about an hour and some change after starting and headed out to panera. Noel had the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich and I had the Papperblue Steak Sandwich. Umm yum!

Milage and pace info is unavailable becuase we were both in such a hurry to get riding that we forgot to reset our computers. Won't happen again.

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