Monday, January 23, 2006

D - A - R - K

Did a short training ride last night, approximately 14 miles.

I rolled out at approximatelty 7:30 last night, headed up Wisconsin Avenue to Bethesda Road to the Capital Cresent Trail. That was a relatively uneventful stint. I then jumped on the CCT and quickly discovered that it was really dark. My halfway decent light threw out roughly 10 feet of usable light. It was enough to see ahead a little bit, but not enough to allow me to clearly see down the trail. Fortunately I am pretty familar with the trail so I knew what was coming up ahead. Additionally I had the trail all to myself, expect for one guy with an extremely bright light that cycled by me about halfway down the trail, so I could basically use the trail dividing line as a guide and know I was in the safe.

But after an undefined large woodland creature scampered off the path just in front of me, I decided the best call was going to be to bail off the trail. So when I came up on Fletcher's Boathouse I decided it would be wise to get some illumination and hit the roads. The darkness almost got me on the way out of the parking lot though, when I almost clipped a braided steel wire that was blocking enterance (and my exit from) the parking lot. Fortunately, my headlight saved me.

Other than that the rest of the ride was uneventful. Cycled down canal road for a bit, and then across M, and then up Wisconsin to the Cathedral. The highlight of the last portion was the aroma of sizzling burgers wafting across Wisc. Ave as I climbed out of G-town. If only there were someone standing on the curb handing out quaters of medium rare burgers to hungry cyclists (a combination of the supporters at rides who hand out goodies and the guy at teh mall who always gives you the free sample of bourbon chicken). Alas it was not to be.

Oh yeah and once I got off the trail it started to rain. Only a sprinkly though.

A good ride and a nice way to wrap up a nice weekend.

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