Saturday, January 28, 2006

If this is Global Warming errr... Climate Change ... gimme some mo'

Wasn't actually on the bike today but boy was it beautiful out today. I didn't quite make it into shorts today, but I did slip into my America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride long sleeve t-shirt and I couldn't help thinkinhg about how ampped I am for teh trainging and for the ride.

I took the girls to the playground at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis this afternoon and we had a ton of fun. There were tons of bikers in the park today and I so totally wished that I had a child trailer for the back fo the bike so I could throw the munchkins in an go riding. I'm thinking that needs to be one of my next acquisitions.

It was a great day today and I am looking forward to the ride in June. can't help but think we're going to get a huge storm soon. Going to be great fun!

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