Monday, February 06, 2006

And they're off .....

Yesterday was the first training ride of the season and we had a BLAST!

We rallied at Dave's house at 10 a.m. Which was fine, except that we rolled out from Noel's place in D.C. which meant we had to be on the road heading to Baltimore at 8:30 a.m., but we arrived there on time and even had a few minutes to spare to grab a cup of coffee.

Becuase this was the first meeting there was alot of the traditional introductory getting to know you type things. We have a great group of folks who are riding for a number of different reasons including a personal relationship with someone who has had cancer, wanting to challenge themselves, just wanting to get in shape, or a combination of all of these reasons. While these are all pretty traditional reasons for joining TNT, all the folks in Dave's living room have shown a tremendous level of committment (or have shown evidence of needing to being committed depending on who you ask!) and I'm really excited to be riding with them. Its a rock solid group of folkas and as the season goes on I'll be chatting about them.

We started off with the intros, and a brief overview of the training regime and ride schedule from Dave also followed by a breif overview of the ride. After we got through the preliminaries, we went on to a bicycling basics video, which had a ton of helpful tidbits in it, but also tended to feature different scenerios for cars running you off the road. But it was good for the new road riders to get a little flavor of how car riders might interact with them on the road. Better to learn via video than on the road.

Once we rolled out of Dave's we headed out for a short 13 mile ride. We rallied at Sparks Elementary School in , you guessed it, Sparks. The ride was pretty good and rolled out under the I-83 expressway and headed up our first decent hill. All the folks on the ride slogged up the hill really well and headed along the route. As I've commented before, the rides in Baltimore County have a climb and coast quaility to them. This is great training for Tahoe, but takes a bit of getting used to, but all in all folks did fabulous. The famed Priceville hill made an appearance again, and I performed much better this year. A combination of a better bike and pre-season training helped out alot.

All in all an excellent ride. I am extremely stoked for the upcoming rides and working with a great group of people. Everyone is out there really working to make a difference and kicking some butt!! A picture of the crew is below. (I'm the guy in teh purple and green TNT jersey)

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