Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Indoor Training

Noel's recently purchased indoor trainer arrived the other day, and since she is feeling a bit yicky and isn't even running I got to take the first spin on the trainer (pictured to the right.)

It was a different experience than road riding. First off, Noel got a super quiet trainer. The only sound was the sound of my chain. The machine itself was super quiet! Very nice. The ride was smooth and with my gears I could vary the resistance nicely. I had the heart rate monitor on, and cranked out an average of 168 bpm. Not too bad, I think that's somewhere around 80% of my maximum heart rate. The HRM gave me some outrageous number of calories conusmed but it was surely malfunctioning.

The trainer also gives you a nice work out, becuase you have to keep spinning, otherwise you're just sitting there. When you're on the road you can coast a bit and still think you're cycling. If you stop pedaling on the train, well your just sitting in your girlfriends living room, sweeting profusely, listening to your iPod. Not quite the vision of atheleticism there is it. Anyway I kept plugging away and got what I felt was a good workout.

Really pumped for the kickoff this weekend. Also hope to get one more training ride in before the weekend. First organized ride is this weekend. Woo Hoo!!

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