Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Its early. I want to go back to bed. I don't want to ride.

Dragged myself out of bed and up early this morning for a recovery spin. It was a completely uneventful spin this morning. I did watch the West Wing DVD though. I watched "The Supremes" episode , where among other things President Bartlett gets to put two justices on the Supreme Court and Josh gets to wheel adn deal with the Staff Director of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who also used to be on The Wire on HBO.

Other than it taking me a while to get my heart rate up, it was a good spin but nothing really noteworth to report. Decent episode of WW though.

Noel also pointed out that I was reading Bicycling Magazine last night and got myself all excited, and then hooked my bike up so that I wouldn't be able to talk myself out of riding when I woke up and was tired. Noel and I agree that one of the best parts of the cycling & running magazines, (aside from the gear porn) is that they get you all pumped up to ride/run. April's Bicycling is the buyer's guide issue, so it was super heavy on the bike porn. Still got me pumped!

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