Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kicking Off

This morning was the kickoff for the summer TNT Season. The event kicked off at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore.

There was a moment of panic this morning when I realized that I had just assumed that it was at the Hard Rock again this year, and it was entirely possible that they had staged the event at a different location. This occured as we crossed teh street in downtown baltimore .... I was reassured when I was greeted at the door to Hard Rock by a huge purple and green Team in Training banner.

It was a packed house this morninng! And the energy level of the folks in the room exceed their physical mass. We had runners, cyclers, triathelets, skaters and I think some hikers. Everyone was really pumped. I think if we had put everyone on the street this morning to ride they would have knocked out a ton of miles on pure energy!

We had some great speeches from the TNT staff, the founder of TNT, who is a local and is training for his 10th TNT event, the San Diego Marathon, and probably most moving a Leukemia surviuvor who is cured and is traing for San Diego with us this season.

Most importantly though we were joined by a number of the honor paitents for the various teams. The tough little kids like Reagan who are fighting this disease made it cleaer why we're all going to be slugging it out for the next four months to complete a really challenging endurance event.

Noel, sophie, bekah and I had a great time this morning and we meet some of the new TNTers on the Tahoe cycling team. It looks like we're going to have a great group of folks who are really commmitted to crossing the finish line at Tahoe and raising a bunch of money to beat blood cancer.

Afterwards the girls and noel and I went over the baltimore aquarium where we checked out the dolphins and the austraila exhibit. We were joined in our visit by the next Senator from Maryland.

Had a great day and now we're saying a small prayer that this cruddy grey rain we're having now runs its course before tomorrow morning's 10 am training ride.

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