Monday, March 06, 2006

The 30 + mile training ride

Well first things first. Those of you who are avid readers for 528K are obviously eagerly awaiting the report on how the zucchini bread went over. I am pleased to report that after our 30 (more than 30 for some) mile ride, that the bread/cake went over extraordinarily well! When everyone got back from their ride, Noel told them to get back inside and by the time I got in there there was nothing left of the double loaf of bread that I dropped off. By the time I left the second double loaf had pieces missing. I am very pleased that everyone liked it. Many a squash was sacrificed to create it.

As for the ride it went really well. Unfortunately, no one told me that one of our riders was bailing from the ride. I saw her pull over, but after waiting a few minutes I went back to find here. After doubling back about three miles I couldn't find her and headed out back on the road. It was all good and it gave me a good reason to throw in a few extra miles.

The ride was pretty solid. some hills in the beginning, some hills at the end and a little flat stretch in the middle. The big downside of the ride was about 10 mile per hour wind that kept gusting around during the ride, and seemed to be in your face most of the time.

I had a pretty good time during the ride. I did pretty much all of it by myself. There was a nice bit of solitude for me during the ride. Got to clear my head a bit and have some good high intensity spins for a bit of the ride. It was all in all alot of fun.

pace was 13.5 MPH. Not too bad considering all the hills and winds. HR was pretty much always in the 80% range.

Funny thing happened while I was making dinner at Noel's. I heard a loud hissing and thought that Noel was doing something in the other room. Turns out the valve on my rear tire finally gave up the ghost. Ironic considering that the morning's pre-ride clinic was on changing a tire.

Next Sunday's ride will probably be somewhere in the Annapolis area. Won't be joining the team for this ride, but it will be a fun ride with Noel and me.

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