Sunday, March 12, 2006

Recent riding and off line for a few days

Those of you who live in teh DC/Baltimore area know that spring has sprung, to repeat and oft heard cliche. The beautiful weather did allow for my first outdoor after work ride. I rolled out of the office with Noel Thursday night and did the ride down to Haines Point, 4 laps around the loop and then back up to the office. An excellent ride. There was nothing really exciting to report. COnsidering how nice the weather was, there were very few people at Haines Point. There were a couple guys who blew past us like we were standing still while we were doing 15MPH. Anyway it was good to get out and do some outdoor spinning. 19 miles total.

I had some minor surgery on Friday so I have been off the bike for a few days, but I expect that I will be back up and riding pretty soon. I'm figuring that I will be riding on Wednesday and Thursday of this week if the weather holds. Hopefully it will, otherwise its buckets of sweat on the trainer.

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