Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spinning PFT...Biking Yeah!

Well I did my first spin class on Sunday, and I can say without hesitation that if I have any control over things, it will be my last spin class. Its not that the class was too hard or too demanding or anything like that. It was that spinning on the stationary bike wasn't like riding a bicycle. The input I got back from the stationary bike was completely different from the input I get back from the road or the trainer. The stationary bike puts a lot more momentum back into the upstroke of my spin, much different than the road, where I tend to focus a lot more on making the spin round. Also I wasn't so enthused about all the time that the spin class had us out of the saddle. This isn't a good habit to get into. Unless its absolutely necessary, you should keep your butt in the saddle. So other than that, spinning glass was great. Made me sweat a lot.

As some of you might remember it was approximately 35 degrees and about 20 mph winds on Sunday. The wind and cold were the two factors that combined to have the group ride switched to a spinning class.

But since I had been spending FAR too much time inside spinning my wheels and not outside getting some asphalt under my tires I decided that I wanted to do a short ride outside after the spinning glass. I wasn't able to get much in the way of takers from the folks on my team, but I was able to persuade Jenn and gene, two of the other mentors and my GF Noel, to do a ride. We only did about 9 miles but they were pretty good miles. Gene led us on the ride since he was most familiar with the area. We did one pretty good long hill into the headwind. It was a really good ride and getting out on the road felt really good. Also as an added plus, I set my new top speed on one of the downhills, 44MPH. Bombing down the hills was a lot of fun.

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