Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thursday night ride

As you hopefully read earlier, I had some mechanical issues earlier this week. Broke that spoke and all. The upside was it was easily repaired and I had a working bike Thursday night.

Since my hearing at work went well, albeit it a bit short, I was in a pretty good mood and totally stoked for some riding. So I zipped home, dragged Noel out of bed from her nap and we headed out for an evening ride. The ride route was out Wisconsin Avenue, down the CCT and back up Wisconsin through Georgetown.

The part out to the CCT was pretty uneventful. There was still some residual rush hour traffic so the was alot of stop and go and stupid car people not paying attention to what they were doing.

Southbound on the CCT a night can be a bit harrowing. Between the darkness on the trail and the periodic blinding from lights of the bike commuters heading out of town northbound you can't really get going too fast....unless of course you want to take an improvised detour onto river road via the side of a hill. After finishing the CCT we headed up Wisconsin Avenue out of Georgetown. This is a good 3 mile stretch of almost constant uphill. Its a good ride because it hits you with good you breaks....hits you with hills again .... and I like it because there are alot of places where you can set goals...ok..I want to get to the next intersection, I want to make it to the top of the hill and traffic light. I want to make it though the cloud of sizzling beef wafting out of the Ruth's Chris...things like that.

The big downside to the ride was that I got a stitch during the hill section out of G-town. I don't really know what the cause was..the internets say it has something to do with breathing, but that doesn't seem to make any sense. I just kinda peddled through it and made it up to Wisconsin and Mass. If for no other reason than I didn't want my girlfriend to see me stop and get off my bike. Hey whatever motivates you.

Anyway it was a really good ride and the first time I had been on the bike since I got my eyelids chopped up.

35 Miles tomorrow with the team. Should be a good ride.

I'll write soon.

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