Saturday, March 18, 2006

Urban Biking Tips - For riders and motorists alike.

I was just browsing my blogs and wanted to pass along a recent post I read detailing some suggested strategies for better urban riding. I think the post is helpful for both my cycling buddies and my motorized buddies. It provided good tips for riding safely on the streets of the Big City and also provides a good perspective on what bikes are encountering out there, for those of you how might be ensconced in 2000 lbs of steel and glass.

In short the 8 tips on Biking Toronto are:
Briefly, the 8 are:
1. Knowing that drivers don't want to kill you will give you confidence in traffic;
2. Ride in a straight line;
3. Play by the rules;
4. Avoid the "stoplight squeeze;" don't move all the way to the right to rest your foot on the curb, or lean against a utility pole;
5. Signal sensibly;
6. Take that lane;
7. Make them think you're unpredictable: if you look over your left shoulder, many drivers will think you're going to swerve that way;
8. Ride with others.

Pretty helpful 'eh.

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