Sunday, April 02, 2006

95 Mile week

Well I'm sitting here blogging as a wrap up for the week. I put in 95 miles this week, which is not too bad. Had three good rides this week and still feel pretty good about how the training is going. The weather has been beautiful lately, so I have been about to get out alot. Unfortunately the sun has been out alot so I am not sitting on Noel's couch with a two-tone tan. I went out and rode yesterday and today but I wore different jerseys. Yesterday's had shorter sleeves than today's, to there is a good two inches at the top of my arms where I only have yesterday's tan and then the rest of my arms is covered with a party good two days worth of tan.

Anyway the rides. I had a good hearing at work and I scooted out after work to catch a couple laps at Haines Point. I got down there about 5:30 that night and did about five laps. There were tons of folks down at Haines Point. Even more so there were a ton of folks on Independence Ave on the way down to Haines Point. I scooted most of the way down there on the white lines between the cars. Since traffic wasn't really moving it wasn't much of a hassle. Once I got down there though it was a great time. I would say the blooms were about 90% in bloom and since the road around Haines point is lined with cherry blossoms it was almost like riding through a cloud.

On Saturday we did the lost blossom's tour and Sunday I did a training ride with Team . I am feeling a bit pooped right now so I think I will finish up the blogging tomorrow.

Check out the photos on flick (link to the left) to see some pictures from the rides.

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