Monday, April 03, 2006

Lost Blossoms Tour

Saturday's ride was great. If you live in the district, you know its time for the annual cherry blossoms. Its also time for the annual migration of the tourists to the district. We'll be innnudated (although not as bad as this weekend) with the fanny pack crew for the next six months. Oh well I guess it's their capital too.

Anyway, we decided to do a ride that took in some of the cherry blossoms that aren't on the traditional tour. Turns out there are a couple groves around town that folks aren't familiar with. The bike washington website has a route that we followed called the "Lost Blossom Tour".

Some of the riders from my TNT group met up with me before the ride at my office parking lot and we headed down to the tidal basin to meet up with the rest of the group to head out on the ride. After meeting up at the tidal basin, we rolled down to Haines Point and did a lap around the park. The trees were in full bloom and this a really beautiful part of the ride.

After that we headed over to the 14th street bridge to head up the Mount Vernon trail to catch the CCT. Unfortunately one of my friends was running a bit late, so I broke off from the group and went and found her. It turned out to be a nice excuse to go a bit faster than usual and to ride between the parked cars on Independence avenue for a few mins.

After we sped up the MVT we were able to catch up with everyone at the transition to the CCT. We took the CCT up to a neighborhood called Harwood. I was magnificent. All the streets in the neighborhood were lined with cherry blossoms so you were able to ride through a canopy of trees in full bloom. I highly recommend it next year!

After that we headed to Panera for a steak sandwich. It was yummy and kept me running. After that we headed down mass ave, past the White House, under the arch in Chinatown, and back to the Capitol.

All in all it was a great ride. Put in a nice round thirty miles. And felt really good. Didn't really notice that I was getting a tan (and when I say tan I mean on the road to lobster), but could tell quite clearly from the different tan colors on my arms on Sunday that I was catching some sun on Saturday.

For all who would like to look there are pictures here and
here and

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