Monday, May 22, 2006

I've been hugely delinquent on posting.

I've had a couple good rides since I last posted.  I apologize for the sometimes slow posting.  My voicemail has been full with messages asking me when I am going to get the next post online.  I'll give a quick rundown of the recent rides.

The most notable was a ride two Saturdays ago out in B-more county.  It was a pretty rigourous ride hitting some dreadfull hilly roads.  I was happy to say though, at the end of Corbett Road I felt pretty decent.  The workout was hard, but I only had moderate use of my granny gear.  I will say though that the road seemed like it would never end.  The cue sheet schedule called for a right off of York and a left on Old York.  I kinda a assumed Old York was near new york.  The road kept on going so far that I actually stopped at one point and turned around .... fortunately I caught up with ken who I had been riding with and since he had done the road last week, I was pretty confident following him.

I was pleased to hear that during that ride we did more climbing than we will do out in Tahoe.  I was particularly pleased when I noticed my final pace was 14.6 mph, and my pace for Tahoe last year was 13.4.  Its good to see I am improving and my legs and heart are getting stronger.  It was a rigourous ride and I feel good about completing it well.  While I wasn't really interested in doing another 30 miles right then and there, if I had to I certainly could have.

This weekend was a good ride.  I was out on the eastern shore of Maryland with my folks for the weekend, so I missed the weekly ride with the Team, but I was able to get in my own little 75 mile ride.  All in all also a very good ride.  A few problems here and there with my right foot getting a hot spot and my left calf getting a little sore.  The hot spot went away when I took my shoes off at lunch time and the left calf just seemed to work itself out after about a ten mile spot in the 50 to 60 mile area where it bothered me.   I also wore my heart rate monitor and it was nice to notice that I was in the low 160 bps range which is ~84 % of HRM (heart rate max) and is a pretty decent work out zone for me. 

I've has a good few rides during the week just keeping me in shape.  Training went really well this year and I feel good about things. 

I'll be reporting back from Tahoe soon!

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