Thursday, May 11, 2006

Less than month to go!!!!

Well it has been way too long since I've written. I have a bunch of things I want to update everyone on.

We're closing in on the ride here. Less than a month to go -- 3 and 1/2 weeks in fact. Its getting very exciting though. I am still feeling pretty good with my training and am riding very regularly. Things are going well.  We'll see when I hit those first switchbacks, how my training has gone!

Since we last spoke though, I have had to replace my rear rim. As you may recall from previous posts I have been having a bit of trouble with spokes breaking. I had a second spoke repaired, at which point the local bike shop wrench told me it was a pain to true and (his words) was "on its last legs." Well he wasn't lying. Two rides later when I was rolling down Independence Avenue, which is like riding on an asphalt shapei, and I heard the familar metal "CLANK" of another spoke breaking. Anyway, I got the rim replaced and have been broken spoke free since then.

The rides have been going well. We're coming up to the last two of our group rides. I will be riding 70 miles with the group this week and then probably another 75 ish miles the next week, although for scheduling reasons I might not be riding with the group again for the last ride.

All in all things are going well prepping for the ride. The evening rides have been around Haines Point, on the Mount Vernon Trail and I have hit a couple up in the Annpolis area. I was pleased to discover that the Edgewater community has a nice bike lane on the new Sections of Solomon's Island road. The bike lane can be ~3 foot wide in some parts but it was good of them to put it there when they repaved the road. Since the asphalt is new it is a really nice ride.

I expect it will be part of my buddy rides for the Seagull Century, which I will be mentoring for during the fall season. If all goes well I will put back three centuries this year, Tahoe, Seagull and hopefully the Reston Century...which I still need to sign up for. --note to self --

Other than that I am getting pumped for the ride. Riding this weekend will be fun and if the Weather Service goofs the forecast I might actually get to ride outside tonight...otherwise its a night on the trainer.



  1. Less than a month?! Did you have to remind me!! I am so nervous about the hills (actually they are mountains in that part of the country!). I sure hope I can do it!

    Thanks for the riding tips. I will try them out this weekend and try and figure out what I need to work on.

  2. you'll totally be able to do them! they're not as bad as they look....just remember that about 7 miles after the top of spooner junction there is a package store!!! guiness awaits!