Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting Ready for Tahoe 2007

Just wanted to kick up a quick post. I'm getting ready for a Tahoe 2007. Things are going well. the riding is going great. Had a little over 2000 miles on the bike last year ... not as many as I wanted, but I still have a week left.

I should be out of the office most of the week next so I figure I will be able to get a good week in of riding. Finding time to ride has been a bit difficult. With the nights being short and the schedule being a bit hectic, but with it being the winter solstice today, the days are only getting longer and that just means more time to ride the bike.

Other than that life is good. Hopefully there will be a link on the left of this page in case you want to read the blogs I am reading.

I'll start the fundraising off in a few weeks, so if you're reading this please get your checkbook out. Noel and I will be fundraising together this year so it should be about $9000 total we should be have to raise, but if we keep our eyes on it and bug everyone we know, it shouldn't be a problem.