Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starting out the New Year

Things are going well this new year. I have gotten in a few ride and my body is feeling relatively well. I haven't gotten in any long rides (>40 mile) but I think I am putting together a good base to be ready for the TNT summer 2007 training.

The unseasonable warm weather ( loving that global warming ) has given me more opportunities to ride lately.

I was able to head out of the office Tuesday night and head down to Hains Point for a few laps. I lucked out and got stuck with a cross wind across the peninsula so I pretty much had about a 20 mph blowing into me on both sides of the peninsula. Oh well. I was good and I have the place to myself (actually it was just me an one other rider) that night.

I rolled out this afternoon from Noel's place and headed up Beach Drive to the as yet unfinished section of the Capital Crescent Trail. Since it is basically only hardpack, and it has rained the last couple days there was a good bit of mud between Beach Drive and the CCT. After getting to Bethesda I took the CCT down to Georgetown and then headed back up Wisconsin Avenue to Noel's. All told a nice round 20 mile trip.

On a large note I think I am going to try to aim for 3000 miles this year. I think I did roughly 200 this year. I had 2415 on the bike at the beginning of the year so we'll have to see how I am doing at the end of this year.

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