Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fi-Nally Outside!

So I finally got to a training ride this moring -- it was only the second TNT training ride. We've been stuck indoors alot this year. We had a HUGE group. Probably at least 50 riders. The riding was pretty uneventful. Straightforward trail riding on the WO&D trail -- the WAD as its known.

The ride was great but the honor patient picnic after the ride really drove home why we were all out this morning riding. There were a number of cancer survirors at the meeting that really impressed upon us that the money that we were raising quite literally saved their lives.

Probably most touching was the 12 year old kid who was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with leukemia. His dad is a soldier and the Army flew them back stsateside from his dad's post in Italy and the little guy is now being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He looks like a super tough little dude, and I'm sure he's going to kick cancer's butt, but it really drove home how important it is that we do all we can to support the work of the LLS. Little 12 year old dudes shouldn't have to worry about whether they're going to see their 13th birthday. Too damn unfair.

I'll be back on the bike tomorrow riding with Jake. Blueberry soup for all! If you're interesed in my ride route today, its below.

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