Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick Sunday Spin

Since it was so beautiful this Sunday I figured I would head out for a quick spin. I kicked an email out to old riding buddies and decided to see who would be up for riding. Turns out that Jacqueline from Seagull team was interested and free that morning.

Unfortunately with the day light savings time and me not being a real morning person I didn't wake up early like I was supposed to and was asleep when Jacqueline rang the doorbell. Felt like a huge dork, but I was able to run downstairs rub the sleep out of my eyes and get on the bike.

Turned out to be a really nice ride. We headed down Mayo road which is the local main drag and has absolutely nothing to do with salad toppings and headed in the general direction of the water. 7 or so miles later we were at the bay overlooking shimmering water and land across the bay. Well worth the trip. Good way to start off a nice Sunday. (Turned out I was really productive -- hung blinds, did a bunch of house work...all kinds of cool stuff)

We headed back what seemed like alot quicker that we headed out. A nice relaxing ride. And best of all since I now have TiVo (THANKS NOEL) all of my Sunday shows were already recorded waiting for me!

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