Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vasa Ride

Today the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and the Embassy of Sweden sponsored a bike ride. The ride was in conjunction with the Vasaloppet , a ski race in Sweden. The crosscounty ski race is roughly 56 miles, so WABA sponsored a 56 mile ride, a 28 mile ride and an 18 mile ride. Jake joined me for the 18 mile ride and we decided to head out for the ride -- not least of which was becuase of the promise of hot blueberry soup at the conclusion.

The ride was alot of fun and meandered around the south side of the city. It was pretty cold this morning and really windy. That being said, jake kicked the course's butt. We road hains point where there was no cover and huge winds pushing all over the road -- it was bit tough, but once we got out to there we headed across the case bridge, over to the titanic memorial, down to the site of the new national stadium, around RFK Stadium and back down through the mall and back to the embassy. The blueberry soup was yummy when we got back.

I was super impressed by jake becuase 18 miles is a ton of a challenge for a 10 year old on a single speed bike. He did great! Especially considering how cruddy the weather was!

Below is the course route we did with photos of our stops added. Click on the camera icons to see the photos where they were taken. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Glad you enjoyed the ride. Hope you can join us on March 18th at the Congressional Bike Caucus Ride. It's a WABA-run event that's part of LAB's National Bike Summit. Starts at 2:00pm at Garfield Circle at the West Front of the Capitol.


    PS It's the Washington Area BICYCLIST Association. Bicyclist is singular and non-possessive.

  2. John Pickett9:26 PM

    Interesting blog you have here. I was wondering where the 18 mile riders went and now I know. I also like the map and the camera icons.

    Congratulations to Jake. My son did the same sort of ride years ago during Bike DC but that ride was in the fall on a warm, calm day. Jake is one tough guy.

  3. Thanks john. I appreciate the kind comments. I try to use the blog
    to keep my TNT supporters up to speed on my training.

    Thanks also for the kind comments about jake. He really toughed it
    out and I think he had a really good time.

    See you on the road some time