Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yay Congress

Well one of the things Republicans got right before we were kindly invited by our constituents to take a time out in the minority for a few years, was moving daylight savings time back 3 weeks. I hear this is going to do all kinds of wonderful things like save a gagillion tons of CO2 and bajillions of dollars for consumers, but what I really care about is that it lets me ride my bike after work three weeks early than last year. When you combine this with the early onset of spring in DC last night was a pretty awesome night to ride.

My ride itself was relatively uneventful. I rolled out of the office over the 14th street bridge, up to the CCT and up to bethesda and back. Now the way out was good riding but was pretty uneventful, other than the herds of walkers & runners who aren't really clear on the meaning of "shared use trail." They seem to think its totally cool for them to walk three abreast taking up at least 5 feet of the 8 foot trail. This of course forces me the biker into the oncoming direction of traffic when I have to overtake them, putting myself and other riders and runners at risk. What really makes it fun is when they get their panties in a bunch becuase I yell "passing on your left" loudly three times. Apparently they don't understand that in addition to alerting them that I will be passing on their -- anyone? anyone? -- left, trail ettiqute also dictates that you move to the right so you don't force me into oncoming traffic any more than absolutely. I'm a courteous rider. I don't buzz folks and if you at least aknowledge my shout that I am passing you get a heartfelt "Thank You." But these jerks just frustrate me. GRRrRR. Its a toss up who annoys me more, the folks who hear me and don't do anything and act imposed upon or the people who have their iPods cranked to ten and are just oblivious to me and all their surroundings. Its a toss up -- but at least they're not dogs. dogs are a huge trail hazard. should be banned!

Anyway the ride was fun until I hit a pot hole about 3 miles from the end of the CCT and about 8 miles from my car. Of course when I hit the pothole I broke a spoke. Fortunately the rim didn't get too too far out of true and I was able to open the brake up all the way and limp home. Got it fixed today and it should be as good as new for a - weather permitting - ride tomorrow.

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  1. I myself am such not a fan of W, but I will say that I am so happy that he moved daylight savings up. That hour of light in the evening is fantastic - for biking, running, whatever!