Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chag Pesach

So the last week or so have been quite hectic. As you may know, Passover (or Pesach) started at sundown on Monday, which really means that preparations started last Friday. I must say it all went really well. Jake, Sophie, Bekah and Noel and I had a wonderful seder. We had about 7 of our friends over to join us for the holiday. It was a wonderful seder and the meal was halfway decent. As I mentioned to our guest's passover is one of my favorite holidays, and serves as an important reminder to all of us that G-d gave us our freedom so that we could go out and serve our community in the spirit of tikkun olam repairing the world -- leaving it a better place than you found it. It was great that we could share this message of social responsibility with our friends and enjoy everyone's company. Sophie and Bekah looked adorable! Those of you who know Sophie will note with great surprise her appearance in a dress. She, and her sister, looked so lovely and were such a delight at the seder. It really was amazing. Even more exciting was that we were able to hand off the "four quesions" obligation during the seder (they relate to the difference of passover) to Sophie. Her reading has improved dramtically since she started kindergarten and it is really impressive!

I'm looking forward to next years seder and seeing if I can squeeze just a few more people into the room. We've got service for 16 and if the hosts transition onto nice paper plates we could pack in 20 people maybe!!!! (Noel isn't reading this right now so I can make these grand plans without her knowledge -- she was a huge help making this week work and I owe her BIG!!!)

So all in all its been a pretty hectic week here at casa Turner/Jones. I haven't really been able to get on the bike much, although I did put a good hour in on the trainer yesterday and am planning on two hours tomorrow morning. Team was supposed to have a ride this morning, but the expected snow, which from looking out my living room window never appeared, canceled the ride. I would have loved to have ridden but it was not meant to be.

Other than that I am plugging away at the fundraising. Noel and I will be doing a big "stuff and fold" tonight to get out some fundraising letters!

I hope to have a fair number of ride reports in this week. The kids are away at the beach so I hope to ride Monday and Tuesday night. I haven't been down the Mount Vernon trail lately, so maybe its time to take a spin and vist #1.

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