Monday, April 23, 2007

Hitting 70

So this weekend I finally got to put some miles in. We had a 66 mile ride scheduled and because of my seeming inability to keep an eye on the road signs and the cue sheets turned into a 70 mile ride. No worries. 75 is pretty much the point where you know you are ready for the century. And while I felt a little ragged as I rolled into the parking lot, if I had to I think I could have done another 30. I do think though that I am going to start wearing my camelback again, I just don't seem to be hydrating enough on these rides and it can't be helpful.

The ride itself was beautiful -- cows again made their presence known. Knowing how much beef we eat its a wonder there are any cows out there, but I guess with all the cheese I eat, they have to keep some of them out there.

The ride itself was good. I think the biggest take away that I had from the ride was that we have a real esprit de corp developing among the team members. This is the first time that the weather has really been biking weather and I think everyone really felt their bikes under them and felt like a huge part of a team. I know I did and it was good. There were a couple mechanicals along the route, but I think everyone had alot of fun and enjoyed the team bonding -- the BBQ and chips at the end were a nice touch. I missed who exactly took care of that for the team, but a BIG thank you.

Anyway, we've got some longer rides coming up and things should be good. The map and elevation charts are below.

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  1. Marinda7:27 PM

    Amazing. I remember when I drove 70 miles in my car :-). I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work, and keep me posted. Congratulations on making 70!!! It's amazing.