Monday, April 23, 2007

Recovery ride -- not so much

So, you know after you do those long hard rides you're supposed to take a nice easy ride to make sure your legs don't bind up. But its supposed to be an easy ride. just something to keep the legs moving.

Well it turned out I didn't quite get a recover ride on Sunday but I did get a fun stomping ride where I made sure I kept my heart pumping at its max for a good portion of the ride (I had my heart rate monitor on so I know the lub dubs were coming fast and furious.)

I rode out of the Hill with Tim and we stomped it up to beach drive and then Andy rans us ragged all over NW DC and Montgomery county. I looked up at one point and saw the Mormon Temple. I'm not exactly sure how we got there but I know we had alot of fun doing it and put a bunch of miles under the tires doing it. It felt great to get back to the car crank up some music and get a nice cold chocolate milk. Yum.

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