Monday, April 23, 2007

You call that a Mountain!!

So I'm catching up on blogging on the recent training rides. One of the most recent rides was a little trip we took out of Poolesville High School in Montgomery County. The area is pretty scenic and is the starting point for alot of the local rides. I wouldn't be surprised if we cribbed the cue sheet from one of the local clubs.

Anyway, I would say this is was all in all a pretty good ride. We started out of poolesville for what I think was a total of 45 mile ride with at somewhere around mile thirty a climb up Sugarloaf Mountain. Now I think I have some readers who hail from the parts of the country where "mountains" are large rock things that divide the continent and entail altitude sickness. And while the view from the top of sugarloaf was certainly beautiful, the only sickness I got was being sick of the stupid front chainring on my bike throwing every time I decided to change gears. If you look at the elevation chat, Sugarloaf is the big point about 3/4 of the way across.

The ride was actually alot of fun and like alot of the good longer bike training rides was located in farm country. Living in/near the district its surprising to find that in a half an hour drive there are alot of pastural lands in the surrounding areas. Cows they are a plentiful!!

As seems to be the pattern this year, I added on a few extra miles by accident. Silly me I thought that when the road sign said "Sugarloaf Mt Rd" that it went to the top of the mountain. 2 to 3 miles into the adventure on unpaved dirt roads I learned that it just goes by sugarloaf mountain, not actually up it. Oh well -- builds character - puts hair on your chest as my mom used to say.

I had a good time and everyone seemed to really enjoy the ride. The maps are below and give a good idea of where we were. I would give it a 3 out of 5. Good work out and alot of fun being out there. Would do it again for sure.

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