Thursday, May 03, 2007

Still spinning

So things have been going really well. Nothing earth-shattering in the way of riding, but its been slow and steady going recently.

I discovered that when I am spinning in the trainer its alot more fun if I actually take it outside. So sunday night instead of spinning downstairs watching the TV, I decided that I would take the bike and trainer out on the deck and set it up. It turned out to be alot of fun - I spun around 730/8ish while the sun was setting so I got to watch the sun go down. Only down side was that the wind was pretty still so I didn't have much of a breeze. Not the coolest ride (breeze wise) I also zoned on hitting the start button on my Garmin so I don't have any recordings of how my heartbeat was doing -- but HILLacoius felt good and gave me a nice hard ride.

I also don't have a map of my recent ride because I zoned and forgot to plug in my Garmin the night before so when I slapped the puppy onto the stem of my trusty bike I almost immediately got a "low battery" message. It went blank 5 minutes later. This meant I had no mileage on my bike so I was forced to guess at how far I had ridden -- specifically how far along I was on my cue sheet and when the next turn was coming. But the issue quickly became moot when I realized that the first turn I made was a wrong one and regardless of how far along I was never going to get to that turn onto St. Georges at 2.7 miles. Anyway it turned out ot be not too big a deal since I vaguely knew my way around the area and was able to work my cue sheet to get me onto the main road through town. It actually turned out to be a fun ride, because all the riders from the local snow valley team were out on the road. First a group of about 6 guys blew past me, but another guy came up behind me and I was able to stay with him for about 15 minutes or so. When we got onto Rt. 2 the guy said "The main group is right behind us. They'll blow our doors off in a few minutes." Well boy was he right. I was probably doing about 20mph on a nice flat part of road and as these guys came past me, I got out of the saddle and tried to keep up with them, but it was no use -- I was able to hang with them for maybe 3 minutes. It was actually pretty impressive, there must have been 25 guys in the group and getting blown out the back of the group was fun. There's a very visceral feeling to being part of a large group of folks. Maybe one day I'll be able to hang with those guys.

This weekend I'll be on my bike alot. I've got an 80 mile ride in the Davidsonville area on Saturday and then on Sunday I am going to head up to NYC with Noel and couple friends for the 5 boros bike tour. It should be a hoot. 30000 people riding through NYC on closed roads, heading over closed bridges and generally having a cycle-tastic time! My bum will probably be hating me Monday morning though.

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