Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Training Ride in D-ville

So Saturday took Noel and I on a training ride in Davidsonville. This is a little town about 5 minutes from us where alot of the local rides starts. Also turns out that its about the only Team training ride that does require us to get up at 0-dark-30 to be to the ride on time. Unfortunately circumstances dictated that we dragged out sorry butts out of bed particularly early for this training ride -- in fact we were up at 5ish moving around getting ready to head out the door by 6 so that we could be rolling by 630. Heck we even packed our bags the night before, made our energy drinks and filled up the camelbacks Friday night! We were super on the ball!! As will surprise no one we were actually on the road at 645, but still over 45mins ahead of the rest of the Team. Why so early you ask. Well let me explain.

On Sunday we were planning on doing the five boros bike tour in NYC. As part of the tour were were staying in NYC the night before and we signed up for a package that included a 6pm dinner at the youth hostel where a small portion of the 37,000 cyclists were staying. Dinner at 6 in NYC means arrival at the hostel at 5:30, which mean we need to be rolling out of Maryland at 1:30 which means that to get an 80 mile ride in at roughly 15mph we needed 5 + hours of riding time, plus some time for rest stops stop lights etc. plus another half hour or so to get changed and fed. so that put us at 7 hours from when we got on the bike to when were in the car on the road -- a 6:30 take off. Like I said we rolled out at 6:45 and I think we finally got on the road at approximately 6:45 and I think all told it was 2:00 pm before the Corella was pointed north.


If you travel in the Northeast, BUY AN EZPASS this thing shaved probably at least a 1/2 hour off my commute to NYC. Basically you don't have to get in any of those obnoxious toll lanes. Was super convenient that I could pick it up at the local Giant.


As for the ride it was pretty uneventful. Since i was keeping myself to a schedule I did not partake of the always yummy pies at the galesville deli and market. So far I think that is my biggest regret of the cycling season.

My butt handled the 6 hours or so in the saddle pretty well. My bike is making odd noises that I really can't seem to run to ground. i have to take it in for a tune up in the next week or so so hopefully the helpful wrench at the local bike shop will be able to figure out what is making all the noise on my bike. Also hydration - much better this week. 2 gatorades, a clif drink apple thing and probably a 1/2 gallon of water. Much better!

The map and elevation chart is below. 4100 feet of climbing. Pretty surprising for what felt like relatively flat roads.

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