Thursday, August 16, 2007

100 Miles!! Woo Hoo!!

So as some of you may recall, Tahoe didn't go very well. As I posted previously I had a little bit of some heart problems. Well I am mostly over those heart problems (although I think I have a minor surgery in the future to finally put the thing to bed!)

So I finally got around to putting 100 miles under my bike in one day. Noel and I and say roughly 250 other people (25 of whom did the century) rode the Ride to See Century on the northern eastern shore of Maryland.

Fortunately the ride was relatively uneventful. I really stomped on it for the first 50 miles. I probably hammered an 18 mph pace for the first 50 miles. We cycled through some beautiful communities such as Rock Hall and Betterton along the northern part of the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. I would have taken some pictures but I expected it to be hotter and maybe be dumping some H20 on myself to keep cool that I didn't want electronics in my jersey pocket.

If you're looking for a fun ride, I would highly recommend this one. The route is super well marked, the Lions Club is out there providing great support and if the weather holds up its a fun ride. Its not the most challenging course in the world. There's somewhere between 2000 and 3000 feet of climbing on the route...depending on which mapping program I use. Although to be fair, while the climbing isn't that bad, eastern shore winds can be pretty strong and heading into a headwind (if you're not pacelining) can be just as much a challenge as heading up a hill. I was able to finish up with a 15.9 mph pace over the 100. Respectable, considering I haven't done a tone of long distances since Tahoe -- just a 55 a couple weeks ago and a 70 right after they ok'd me to get back on my bike.

All in all a great ride though and I would highly recommend it to local riders. Hopefully folks will come out and do the ride with us next year.

Charts below.