Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rubber side down.

So with Noel being out of town this weekend doing the Goofy Challenge down at Disney World with Emma, Dave (Emma's Husband) and I are home by ourselves. Dave touched base with me earlier in the week and invited me to join him on a ride down the Mount Vernon Trail this morning.

It turned out to be a really nice ride. We rolled out of Dangerfield Island at 9 a.m. this morning heading south on the trail with Mt. Vernon as our destination. The ride went really well for the first half. After we got south of alexandria the Saturday morning traffic of runners on the trail thinned out a bit and we had most of the trail to ourselves. I hadn't headed this far south on the MVT in a while and was interested to see the work on the Wilson Bridge. Word is that some time in the future there will be cycle and pedestrian crossing on the bridge. That would be fun!! Trail improvements around the bridge seem to be coming along well.

The ride down to Mt Vernon was relatively uneventful. When we got to the end we bumped into a bunch of Team in Training marathoners who were doing a training run (presumably something with a little hill training in it.) We bumped into Shannon who runs with Noel and who has ridden with us in Davidsonville and Michelle who may sign up for this season's Tahoe. Yay. It was a nice surprise to see some team folks when we were down there.

After we headed back out the fun started. About a mile into the way back I lost my wheels from under me. I think I took the turn a bit too fast and with the ground being a bit wet one of my tires slipped out (oddly I think it may have been my front) and the bike started getting parrell to the trail slidding left while my body made a nice thud on the ground and started sliding right. I slid a couple feet along the trail on my hip and came to a nice stop in the grass. The weird thing is that I have two nive rashes on my thigh, but my shorts for some reason weren't shredded. I did shred the thumb of one of my gloves and the sleeve of my jacket a tiny bit. My thigh is a bit sore, but all in all there wasn't any real damage to me or my bike. I straightened out the shifters on my bike and hopped back on in a few minutes and finished up the ride.

Aside from the crash it turned out to be a really fun ride. The weather was great and Dave was excellent company. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again when the girls get back.

Map below.

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