Saturday, February 02, 2008

2008 Tahoe Cycling Team and Kickoff

We had a great kickoff this morning. I've been to at least four of these so far and this one was probably one of the best. I rolled in with Sophie at roughly 7:15 to help out with the setup and get stoked for the season.

Team had roughly 275 summer participants at the kick-off all committing to raising a combines $1,000,000. It was really exciting to see the participants connect with the honor teammates and really be able to connect the importance of the mission with the fun and challenge of the event.

I was really stoked about the turn-out for the cycling team. Its looking like the Tahoe cycling team is going to have somewhere in the are of 100 riders training for the ride. Everyone seems really enthusiastic about the ride and I am really looking forward to next week's kick off ride at Hains Point. The ride iwll of course be a bit monotonous, but the loop is a perfect opportunity to get to know folks and work out any kinks before we set out on the roads.

On a lighter note, the Team sold $2500 worth of raffle tickets this morning. As is tradition, Team sells the raffle tickets to participants to put half of the funds into two of their accounts. So two participants were getting $1250 credited to their fundraising account. Since Sophie came with me and had been wonderfully behaved all morning, the Team staff let her pick out the tickets. She picked two cyclists to get the funds. It was totally awesome! She's locked up two participants for the cycling team already!!

She was great this morning behaving splendidly throughout the 3 hour kickoff. She was rewarded with a trip to the National Geographic Explorer Hall to check out some cool frogs and then to Mickey D's for a Happy Meal lunch.

I'll have a fundraising appeal out soon and hopefully a ride report from tomorrow's pre Super Bowl Ride.

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