Saturday, February 09, 2008

And AAAway we go

So I'm sitting at the Annapolis Mall waiting for the tires to be changed on the Corolla. I was totally surprised to find out that the mall has free interwebs. If it wasn't for the screaming rugrats and obnoxious teenagers roaming the mall I might spend a bit more time here...but since I have the interwebs at home and I generally prefer to minimize my interactions with people -- strangers in particular -- I suspect I will be blogging from the mall only when absolutely necessary.

Anyway today was the first training ride for the 2008 Tahoe season. We have a huge team. We've got over 80 people signed up on target to raise over $350,000 for cures for blood cancers!

The group we had out this morning was great. All the riders really seem to have everything together. We have a fair number of alumni from previous Tahoe seasons and previous Seagull seasons. The new riders seem really strong and everyone really seems stoked about the season and the training.

The only downside is that with the season starting it signals the return to getting up before the sun. This isn't the worst thing in the world, but it will take a bit of getting used to. I rolled out of bed at 6:10 this morning and was able to get myself out of the house in time to stop at the local drive through starbucks (where Noel almost got half and half in her coffee and had some mystery artificial sweetener which was clearly not her preferred sweet and low foisted upon here) and get to Hains Point by 7:30ish. Since on my last training ride I rode through what I suspect was a bit of construction debris and ripped a nice gash in the sidewall of my tire I had to change the back tire before I could start riding this morning. Since I am a huge cheapskate and the Bike Rack had a nice price on a YELLOW tire, I am now running a bigbird yellow tire on my blue bike. If the spandex doesn't make me look like a huge dork this surely will.

As for the ride it was as good as a Hains Point ride can be. (hains point is a big circle) I spent time riding with different riders introducing myself and checking on folks. Everyone seemed really strong and in control of things. Noel, and I and about four of our Teammates had a nice little peleton going on the last lap. At the turn around Mark (a new rider and competitive inline skater) dropped everyone and we hammered it down the backside. Felt really good to drop the hammer and really open things up a bit. Finished up with somewhere around 23 miles in.

I had a blast and am looking forward to the first "buddy" ride on Tuesday night and really kicking the training into high gear. Course below.

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