Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still iffy weather

Unfortunately I wasn't able to put on much in the way of miles this week. The weather here has been pretty miserable this week. We were supposed to do a buddy ride on Tuesday night which we had to cancel the night before because the weather was horrible. If you're not from the area you may have heard about how the polls were kept open late in Maryland on election day. That's because we had a pretty huge ice storm Tuesday afternoon. When I got to my car Tuesday night after work, the door was slightly frozen shut and the car was covered with a coating of ice. Obviously not bike riding weather.

The team had a training ride on Saturday, but unfortunately I had other stuff going on that day so I wasn't able to make it down. A bummer because the ride was on Beach Drive -- one of my favorite places to ride in DC. Fortunately I was able to carve out some time on the trainer and do Spinerval's Hillacious workout It was a good workout and hopefully continued use of Hillacious will improve my climbing this year. Clearly its the weakest part of my riding.
Since I was inside for ride, there is no map, but here's an idea of what my heart rate and cadence looked like during the ride. The bike actually came uncliped form the trainer one time, so that accounts for one of the stops in cadence...the other was probably just me running to refill water or something.

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